Product Photography | Santa Barbara Studio

The product photos on this page were all taken for Santa Barbara Design Studio, a company that licenses artists work which will appear on various consumer goods. Product catalog photography has long been the mainstay of our business. The high volume of products we are able to shoot over the course of a day, or week is due to our efficiency. Having all the lighting tools, lenses, backdrops, tabletop surfaces and props readily available is essential. Before digital photography we all shot film where all the details of a photograph were worked out before you pressed the shutter. Retouching was just way too expensive for all but the blue chip clients with deep pockets. I bring that discipline to each and every shoot, saving my clients big dollars in retouching fees. All the parameters are set in the camera, sharpness, color balance, cropping and exposure. Then if for some reason, we have to go in and make some slight adjustments, we can. Everyone on my team are Photoshop power users and we offer that service if necessary.

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