Business Portrait Photography | Headshots

Headshots differ from portraits in that they tend to be more formal and usually shot in a studio setting where I have complete control of the lighting. I try to get my subjects to let down their guard, and convey who they really are, which often requires engaging in casual conversation until they feel comfortable. I usually have my camera on a tripod so I can maintain eye contact. Most of the time they are unaware that their photo's being taken, and before they know it, we're done. With a career spanning four decades, I've taken headshots of countless luminaries, from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, bankers, builders, realtors, restaurateurs, chefs, teachers, corporate executives, winemakers, actors, models, politicians and philanthropists. My headshots are intelligently crafted with exceptional workmanship to bring out your personality and communicate your qualities to others. All the headshots you see here were taken at our Airship Studio in downtown Santa Barbara, California.

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