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I just love working with artists. Their contribution to our culture is unmeasurable. They're quirky, creative and a joy to be around. Arts and crafts are among the first products I started photographing back in the early eighties and over the years I've helped get artists into juried shows all over the country. Lighting art is not a one set up suits all process. The techniques are numerous and varied. You must first consider how light will be reflected off of the subject and determine what lighting will work best. For paintings we polarize each light and the camera lens in order to eliminate all reflections, even when shooting through glass. We include a standard color patch to ensure accurate color when going to press, web, or print. Once our lighting is established we can shoot many pieces in a relatively short amount of time, keeping your costs to a minimum. Artists also receive a discount rate if they bring in 5 or more pieces.

James Hodgson
Wesley Andernegg
Christine Adcock
Michael Adcock
Chris Blake
Diane Stevenette
Tomas Blackwell
Sara Chamberlin
Nathan Snyder
Dane Venass
Serbin Communications
Debra Cross
Barbara Lobeman
Mark MacKay
Gail Minharez
Giovanni Schullman
Christine Brailer
Sandy Wolk
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