ESTABLISHED in 1985, we are the largest, longest existing, state of the art, commercial advertising photography studio in Santa Barbara's photo district. We specialize in product and fashion photography, medical devices, architectural photography, aerial architectural photography, food photography, jewelry photography, editorial photography and business headshots. Our award winning work is known throughout the world. If you have any questions you need answered or just want to stop by the studio to meet us and see our space, please call. 805-962-5049.

Printed Work | Product & Fashion Photography
Misc. Products | Product Photography
Stars & Stripes | Westernwear Photography
Walking Company | Product Photography
Bum Equipment | Sportswear Photography
Headshots | Business Portrait Photography
Residential | Architectural Photography
Bruker | Scientific Product Photography
Impo Shoes | Fashion Photography
Portraits | Environmental Portrait Photography
Gary Paul | Mens Fashion Photography
Allergan | Medical Product Photography
Warner Bros. | Sportswear Photography
Moszkito | Fashion Product Photography
Caromed | Medical Product Photography
Flir Thermal Cameras | Product Photography
Long John | Fashion Photography
Swimwear | Fashion Photography
Bryant & Sons | Jewelry Photography
Rand's Hats | Westernwear Photography
Arts and Crafts Photography
Wendy Foster | Fashion Catalog Photography
Edec | Forensic Product Photography
UCSB | Sportswear Photography
Santa Barbara Studio | Product Photography
Alan Lee | Glassware Photography
Blook | Furniture Photography
Group Photography
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